Plymovent ทำการติตตั้งที่ KS Smede og Montage

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The challenge

K.S. Smede og Montage, a smith’s working-place, was about to expand their business and move to new premises. As they were expanding, K.S. Smede og Montage took this opportunity to purchase a new ventilation/filtration system to extract welding fumes and grinding dust more effective.

One of the main requirements was that the primary heat source in the workshop must become this new ventilation/filtration system. The second requirement was flexibility. Therefore, K.S. Smede og Montage choose the most effective solution: at source extraction. Seven extraction arms were spread throughout the workshop connected to a ductwork system. K.S. Smede og Montage insisted on several other - very acceptable - requirements; the extraction arms needed to be easy to operate and should have a good quality-to-cost ratio. K.S. Smede og Montage installed the system their selves with instructions of the supplier.