Plymovent ทำการติตตั้งที่ Scania

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The challenge

Ferruform AB (situated in Luleå) is one of Scania’s production units, based in Sweden. Scania is well-known for its (mining) trucks, buses and coaches. Besides, Scania produces engines for industrial and marine applications and power generation. In Luleå they make, among others, the metal bodies for the trucks. The steel frames are mainly produced by robotic welding machines. Occasionally manual welding takes place.

The welding activities at Scania generate a lot of welding fumes and dust. This pollution needed to be extracted effectively to be code compliant and to offer the employees of Scania a safe and healthy working environment.

Therefore, Plymovent created an engineered solution for the production unit in Luleå, Sweden.


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