Plymovent ทำการติตตั้งที่ Scholen aan Zee

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The challenge

Scholen aan Zee (‘Schools at the Sea’) is an occupational training institution in the Dutch navy town of Den Helder. Its programme includes the Technical Programme, a practical education path within the Preparatory Intermediate Vocational Programme and Intermediate Vocational Programme (VMBO/MBO). Welding is one of the subjects taught. Several years ago, the technical department moved to a new location. As a result of the move, the practical room had to be furnished from scratch. New welding equipment, welding machines and welding fume extraction systems were purchased in consultation with Plymovent.

The objective, of course, was to create a clean working environment for the students and teachers. The welding equipment had to be user-friendly and (absolutely) compliant with Dutch legislation.